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Longtime Cowboy’s Fan Receives Well-Wishes from Favorite Players

Eddie Anson, 65, of Rome, New York, has led a very full life. Eddie has two sons, whom he worked very hard to support in any way that he was able to. Eddie worked many different jobs in order to support his family, and never complained as he constantly put others above himself for the majority of his life.

Although Eddie has suffered many heart attacks in the later portion of his life, he has still been able to provide for his family, and care for his five grandchildren whom he loves dearly. Unfortunately, despite his positive attitude and thirst for living life, Eddie’s doctors have determined that there is nothing further that can be done for his health. He has been placed on hospice care and is suffering from congestive heart failure.

Although Eddie never had a lot of time to experience leisure, he always found three hours on Sunday to root for his Dallas Cowboys. Originally from Texas, Eddie grew up loving the Cowboys. Eddie has loved the team for his entire life and makes a point to watch every game and knows every player. Eddie’s daughter in law, Sarah Anson said that he still talks about Cowboy’s games that occurred almost two decades ago, and it brings him immense joy to reminisce about those great games.

Through the many decades of watching Cowboy’s greats, Eddie has a particularly strong connection to Troy Aikman. Aikman was the quarterback on the Cowboy’s in the 1990’s, and led the Cowboy’s to incredible success. Troy Aikman reminds Eddie of his younger days, where he rooted on his Cowboy’s wholeheartedly without his health concerns dominating his thoughts.

Eddie never went to a Cowboy’s game, because he could not afford it, and now that he could no longer leave the house, he wanted to connect with some of his favorite Cowboy’s. Wish of A Lifetime is very happy that we were able to grant Eddie’s wish, and honor his passionate commitment to the Cowboy’s during his final weeks.

Wish of A Lifetime was able to arrange a call with Roger Staubach, a super bowl champion quarterback. Roger stayed late in order to talk to Eddie and his family, and share memories of the Cowboy’s great success through the years. Although Troy Aikman was not able to travel to Eddie’s home on such short notice, he was so touched by Eddie’s story that he agreed to write Eddie a letter wishing him well. In addition, the Dallas Cowboy’s sent Eddie a large care package, including a jersey, calendar, team picture and a Dallas Cowboy hat which Eddie wore proudly in his final days. Wish of A Lifetime was also able to coordinate with 101.7 The Team, a Dallas Cowboy affiliate radio station, to give Eddie an on air shout out, which Eddie and his family listened to live. Eddie was so grateful that his favorite team made such an effort to honor him in his final weeks, and our organization is so proud to have been able to honor such an amazing man during such a difficult period in his life.

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