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Marilyn Reunites With Her Beloved Sister-In-Law

Marilyn Crusan, 80, of Des Moines, Iowa, has devoted her entire life to helping others. Marilyn was a nurse by profession, describing her career as a blessing as it revealed to her that her true calling was in helping others. Marilyn took care of her parents, her husband, other family members and friends, and anybody who needed a little extra help.

In honor of Marilyn’s selfless devotion throughout her life to those around her, Wish of A Lifetime partnered with the Brookdale Senior Living to grant her wish to reunite with her sister-in-law, Virginia in Austin, Texas on Friday, July 24th. Marilyn has always had a very close relationship with Virginia, who inspires her daily. Marilyn’s late husband Francis was  raised the majority of his life by Virginia, who always had a ‘parental’ influence in the lives of both Francis and Marilyn.

Although Marilyn and Virginia have a very special relationship, their deepest bond was their love for Francis. Francis brought the two women together and when he passed away earlier this year, the loss was challenging for both of them.

Marilyn and Virginia looked forward to finding comfort in each other as they continue to mourn the loss of Francis. Wish of A Lifetime and Brookdale Senior Living was proud to be able to send Marilyn and her daughter in law, Penny, to  reconnect with Virginia. The two sister in laws spent a week together recounting stories about their favorite man and reminiscing about their memories together. Marilyn’s daughter-in-law described the reunion as an ‘instant’ connection and even commented that she hadn’t seen Marilyn so happy in twelve years. The two sisters had a wonderful week full of catching up and exploring Austin, the place Virginia proudly calls home.

Thank you to Michael Curtis and Penrod Vladyka for the wonderful photography of this event.

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