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Marjorie Takes a Helicopter Ride

Marjorie’s strong Native American spirit has helped her through a lot in her 69 years. She persevered through the loss of a husband and a child, and survived a battle with cancer. She is very active and involved in her community, volunteering with the Southwest Improvement Council, Native American Cancer Survivors, and the Denver Indian Council. She has dreamt of flying since 1947, when her uncle’s friend took her and her cousins on a “joy ride” in his helicopter, hovering a few feet above the landing pad at the Stapleton Airport.

Due to poor eyesight, Marjorie could never become a pilot, but her Wish of a Lifetime was to fly in a helicopter high in the sky, observing the mountains she loves from above. It was a dream she shared with both her granddaughter Pearl and her seven year old grandson Hawk, who suffers from sight and hearing loss. They love going to watch the flight for life helicopters take off and land at a hospital near their home, and talk about what it would be like to fly in a real helicopter. Marjorie, Pearl and Hawk shared this special experience on November 13th 2013, fulfilling a cross-generational adventurous dream!


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