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Mary Beth and Her Daughter Heal in Sedona

Have you ever heard of Sedona’s energy vortexes? Curious travelers and spiritual seekers from all over the world have been drawn to these mystic spaces within the red rocks of Arizona, which are rumored to carry spiritual and healing properties.

Mary Beth first heard about these spiritual places from her daughter, Maribeth. At the time, Maribeth was working at The Angeles Cancer Clinic and heard about the miraculous places from patients. She shared the stories with her mother, and they dreamed of visiting these mystical places together someday.

Mary Beth is a spiritual woman whose heart is brimming with kindness. Those who know her well would tell you about her generosity of spirit and how she often shows her love through food.

While working as an assistant manager in the marketing department of a casino in Las Vegas, Mary Beth encountered people from all walks of life, many of whom were going through hard times. Believing in the power of a warm meal and the comfort a full stomach brings, she often bent the rules to find ways to provide them with meals—sometimes, getting herself into trouble. Eventually, her workplace understood her good intentions and established a rule that allowed her to give a free breakfast to those in need.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Mary Beth’s kindness shone even brighter. She found ways to support disabled veterans in her community, making sure they always had enough food to eat. When she could not deliver meals herself, she donated to the local food pantry, believing that every little bit counts.

Mary Beth’s life was turned upside down when her daughter Maribeth was diagnosed with cancer.

“I would give everything in the world to take this burden away from her,” she shared.

After working at the cancer clinic, Maribeth now faced the daunting disease herself. After undergoing chemotherapy and three challenging surgeries, Maribeth was in remission—what felt like a true miracle.

While standing by her daughter through her darkest days, Mary Beth remembered the stories of Sedona’s vortex sites. She knew that visiting these beautiful, powerful places would be the rejuvenating experience she and her daughter needed after the physical and emotional battle with cancer.

“No matter how old we get, we can still help and inspire others, and I wish to help and inspire my daughter,” she shared.

When we heard Mary Beth’s powerful story, we jumped at the opportunity to help her fulfill this meaningful wish and to recognize the incredible woman she is today through the journey.

We sent Mary Beth from her home in Pennsylvania across the country to Sedona, Arizona, for a heartfelt reunion with Maribeth, who traveled from Los Angeles, California.

Stepping foot in Sedona for the first time, Mary Beth and Maribeth were floored by the natural beauty that surrounded them. With endless cliffs and red rocks as far as the eye could see, they could not have picked a more inspiring place to spend time together.

The trip felt complete when they visited the breathtaking Chapel of the Holy Cross Vortex, believed to have a sacred energy that brings inner peace to visitors. Being in this holy place deeply resonated with the duo, who partook in the Catholic service and holy Communion together.

Mary Beth’s trip to Seonda was meaningful to her on so many levels, and she left full of gratitude for sharing the experience with her daughter.

“It really touched my soul,” she said. “I feel a change since we’ve been there; it’s like nothing that I can explain.”

Maribeth also expressed her gratitude for sharing this experience of a lifetime with her mother.

It was a renewal for me,” she said. “I got to spend quality time with my mother after a year of battling breast cancer,” she said. “I got to give thanks to God in a Holy place, and I was able to connect with nature on a deep spiritual level.”

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