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Molly and Earl’s Love Grows to New Lengths

What’s the most beautiful thing about love? We think it’s the fact that new love can grow at any age.

Earl, age 94, and Molly, age 76, are two inspiring individuals who connected later in life. Throughout their separate lives, they both found ways to help others—something they would later appreciate about each other.

Molly spent most of her career as a teacher and educational diagnostician. She helped many young people find paths to improving their lives after being in the juvenile justice system, like earning a GED and finding a job. She’s also been very active in her church as a Sunday School teacher, helping with Vacation Bible School, and even assisting in the church office and nursery after retirement.

Faith is one of the values Molly and Earl discovered they shared when they met in their living community in Texas in May of 2021.

Earl, a painter, led his church’s choir, developed youth drama programs, and helped with theater programming for Vacation Bible School. He also volunteered in his community as a docent at a local heritage museum.

They could not have predicted the love that would bloom that spring and how much happiness they would soon bring to each other.

At first, adjusting to a new home was challenging for Molly, and she felt lonely.

That was until Molly met Earl. She said Earl “was persistent” in getting to know her right from the start.

Earl was drawn to Molly’s warm personality and was impressed by her character. For many years, he had been grieving the loss of his wife, who passed away in 2016 from Alzheimer’s disease. In Molly’s company, his loneliness faded, and his heart opened once more.

Over shared meals and long conversations, their appreciation for each other grew. As friendship turned into love, Molly and Earl became a couple. Their families, friends, and neighbors were thrilled (and not surprised) when they got married in November of 2022.

Molly and Earl created a life full of gratitude and found joy in sharing their days. “We get up quite early and watch the sunrise,” Earl said. “It is the prettiest time of day, the best time of the day.”

And for Molly, the best part was ending their day together: “This is the best part of my day,” she would say. “I get to go to bed with my husband, Earl.”

They encouraged each other to explore hobbies and try new things, including a special request from Earl.

“He’s been asking me to cut his hair even before we were married,” Molly said with a smile. Getting to the barber shop regularly was challenging, and Earl’s hair would grow quite long between visits. He loved the idea of Molly cutting his hair in the comfort of their own home.

At first, Molly felt unsure, especially because she was left-handed. But Earl had no doubts, and his gentle encouragement helped Molly overcome her fears.

“It’s something he really wants to do, and because I love him, I would like to do it,” Molly said.

When we heard their story, we were honored to recognize these two incredible individuals and help their love grow by granting their wish.

We introduced Molly and Earl to Sherri, a cosmetologist, barber, and instructor from a salon in their town. Sherri came to their home to give Molly a personalized hair-cutting lesson.

First, Sherri showed Molly how to use shears, a comb, and hair clippers like a professional. Earl was all smiles, patiently sitting under his cape while his wife gained confidence in her new skill.

Their home was filled with laughter throughout the lesson. “It was very enjoyable,” Molly said. “Sherri did a wonderful job taking me through the whole process…I now feel confident that I can cut Earl’s hair.”

Finally, Molly beamed and held up a mirror for Earl to see. As they admired the results, there were happy tears in their eyes.

It gave Earl so much joy to see his wife thrive and feel capable, and in return, Molly was thrilled to be able to care for her husband in a new way.

“I am the envy of all the guys,” Earl said after their wish. “It was a delightful experience. Thank you ever so much.”

And, Molly added, “I shall restrain myself until it is long enough to cut again.”

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