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One Final Sister Weekend in Black Hawk, CO

Linda, 68, has always put her family first and was especially dedicated to her husband. Unfortunately, her husband passed away in 2013 but Linda has fond memories of spending time with him while gambling. Linda’s husband always wanted to go to Black Hawk, but was not able to do so before his death.

Linda said “This is something my husband always wanted to do. I want to do this on his behalf since he died before he could go.” In 2014, she was diagnosed with cancer and after bravely battling the cancer for the past two years, Linda was recently placed on hospice. When a hospice nurse asked what Linda wished she could do again, she said she wanted “one final sister weekend at Black Hawk” to share time with her sisters while honoring her husband.

Linda and her five remaining sisters spent a weekend at The Isle at Black Hawk from February 18-20, 2016. The sister’s gambled, enjoyed each other’s company and had their pictures taken to remember the experience. A lifetime’s worth of memories were relived and new memories made at the Isle at Black Hawk.

“Regardless of who you are, what your age and illness issues are…there are still times of joy to be experienced,” said Linda’s hospice nurse, Maureen Pangle, “Especially the joy of being with family and having a positive memory to hold onto once that person’s life ends.” Wish of a Lifetime was happy to facilitate a wonderful experience for Linda and her sisters. It is sure to be a trip they will remember for years to come.

Photo Credit: Lauren Michels Photography


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