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 “This has been my wish for a long time. She is my only sister.” – Otilio (67)

Otilio and his sister, Beatrice, share a unique history, a strong bond, and an unwavering love for family. Otilio and Beatrice grew up in different households, separated by divorce at a young age. The siblings formed a relationship later in their adult lives, though they remain separated today by distance. The last time Otilio saw his sister was 10 long years ago.

Otilio’s greatest wish was to see his sister again and to be able to lift her spirits with more than just a phone call. 

It was Otilio’s dream to surprise Beatrice on her birthday at her home in California.


Wish of a Lifetime, partnered with GHC Housing Partners, was honored to reunite the siblings on March 20, 2019, just in time for Beatrice’s birthday.

Otilio brought his loving wife and caretaker, Carmen, with him to the celebration. There were hugs and smiles all around.