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Patti Visits her Grandparent’s Home Designed by Frank L. Wright

Patti, 80, of Brookdale Scotts Valley in California, has always put others’ needs before her own. She worked as a waitress to put her three daughters through college before deciding to finish college herself. While working and going to school as an older adult, Patti volunteered for Meals on Wheels and the Red Cross to help those who are less fortunate in her community for several years. That being said, Patti remains as a very caring person who dedicates her heart and soul to her family. With family being the top priority, Patti enjoys doing research and learning about her genealogy to broaden her knowledge regarding her relatives.

After Patti’s mother passed away in 1965, Patti found a photo of the Frank J. Baker house while she was going through her mother’s belongings. She knew it was the house where her mother and grandparents lived, but she did not realize that it was the work of the famous architect, Frank Lloyd Wright. Fascinated by this house and her family’s history, Patti started to do research. The house was named after Patti’s grandfather, Frank Baker, who commissioned to Frank Lloyd Wright to have it built in 1909. She also found it amusing that her grandmother and Frank Lloyd Wright would often bicker about the design of the house—a two-story prairie style home. The masterpiece stayed in the family until her grandmother sold it after the passing of Patti’s grandfather. In 1974, the family who owned the Frank J. Baker House had it added to the National Register of Historic Places. Today, the house is still a private home owned by the Sobel Family.

Thanks to Wish of a Lifetime, Brookdale, and Richard Sobel (the current owner of the house), Patti’s dream of visiting her grandparents’ home became a reality. On a sunny Saturday in Wilmette, Patti and her daughter Barbara finally visited the Frank J. Baker House that was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. While they visited, they met with Richard Sobel, the current owner of the house, as well as other relatives of Frank Baker, including Patti’s 91-year-old cousin, Alice. “Meeting Alice was one of the highlights,” said Patti. In regards to Patti’s first visit to her grandparents’ home, Patti said, “I was very emotional because my mom was raised there and I never met my grandfather.” Giving Patti the chance to visit the home not only allowed her to see where it all started, but it also encouraged her to gain a deeper understanding of herself. Many thanks to Richard Sobel, who generously opened the doors to his home so Patti could fulfill her Wish.

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Historic Photos courtesy of Patti’s family. Photos by Digital Image Nursery.

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