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Paula Goes Golfing

Paula W., 67, of Brookdale Punta Gorda Isles in Florida is a hardworking individual who has loved to golf her entire life and played in whatever free time she could spare. She grew up playing the sport with her father and brother, and then went on to work at a local country club and was able to play in the evenings. Since retiring almost ten years ago, Paula no longer has access to a golf course or club. Her Wish of a Lifetime was to play golf once again on the Burnt Store Golf and Activity Club course, and then dine at the country club – a well-deserved treatment for a humble and generous member of the community.

Paula has been a very hard worker all of her life, working at a nursing home as a dietary aid for 12 years and then as a maintenance worker on the tennis courts of a local country club for 24 years. Working for the nursing home, Paula never got the chance to play golf. Therefore she was thrilled when she moved to Florida and learned that she could play the game in the evenings at the club she worked for. Despite her constant work schedule, Paula has not hesitated in giving more time to serve her friends and her community. At Brookdale, Paula serves as Resident Council President and Resident Ambassador. She has also dedicated time to the Punta Gorda community through her love of flowers. Paula has helped plant gardens around the city with the Team Punta Gorda Beautification Program as well as the Bicycles to Paradise initiative to improve the city. With this program, Paula refits 8 bikes with gardens in their baskets around the city and maintains them.

Brookdale Senior Living and Wish of a Lifetime were excited to send Paula and her niece, Adrienne, to golf with professional Bill Connelly at the Burnt Golf course driving range on April 5, 2017. After they are warmed up, Paula and Adrienne enjoyed the 9-hole course and lunch at the club. Adrienne said “Paula was over the moon. I haven’t seen her so happy in a long time.” Paula was excited to cruise the fairways she loves and rekindle a lifelong passion while recalling fond moments on the course with family and friends.

Photo credit: Jordan Beaujour, Stay in Focus Media

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