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Peggy Revisits her Favorite City

When Peggy was asked what she misses most about her former town of Biloxi, Mississippi she stated, “The smell of the ocean, walking on the edge of the water and looking down, and walking on the pier.  I think about it every night before I go to bed.”

Peggy lived in Biloxi for seven years and she fell in love with the small town. An innately compassionate woman, Peggy made the selfless decision to move back to Tennessee to care for her sick parents. She left behind a thriving nursing career and many friends but Peggy knew it was the best decision for her parents. That was 28 years ago and Peggy had not been able to return to her beloved town since.

Peggy has suffered tremendous loss throughout her life. In 1998, after caring for her parents for 11 years, they both passed away within a few months of each other. Four years ago Peggy also began losing her vision and today she is 80% blind, only able to see through her peripheral vision. Peggy’s friends offered her a lot of love and support through these tough times. However all but one of her friends remains alive today. Her closest friend, Jolanda, still lives in Biloxi but the two had not seen each other since Peggy left in 1987.

Peggy’s wish was to walk along the beach and smell the ocean air in Biloxi once more before she completely lost her eyesight. Wish of a Lifetime made Peggy’s Wish a reality on September 12th, 2015. Peggy spent three nights in Biloxi, Mississippi with her son James, where the two enjoyed spending time at the beach and going on an excursion to Ship Island. Peggy was also able to reunite with her old friend Jolanda. Wish of a Lifetime was happy to help create such wonderful memories for this compassionate older adult. A special thanks to the photographer William Smith who captured some special moments during Peggy’s wish.

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