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Quentin Visits his Commemorative Tree

Quentin, 90, of Denver, CO, traveled the world for years as an Air Force pilot, but as he reached 90 years old there was only one place he still wanted to see. Quentin’s Wish of a Lifetime was to visit his commemorative tree at the Veterans Grove at the College of the Ozarks in Branson, Missouri.

The Veterans Grove, full of Sugar Maple trees, was a ceremonious way for the College of the Ozarks to show respect for our servicemen and women. Each Veteran was honored with the planting of a Sugar Maple that bears a plaque with the veteran’s name, resembling the pattern of the marble crosses at the American cemeteries in Europe. Due to illness, Quentin was unable to attend a ceremony for his tree two years ago and has put this on the top of his bucket list.

Quentin’s tree is dedicated to his seven years of service as an Air Force pilot during World War II, and he was finally able to see it in person on November 2, 2012. Accompanied by his friend Leanna, the pair was warmly received by a college administrator and members of the student body. Sharing laughs, memories, and emotions of gratitude, the experience was remarkable for all who were present.

Wish of a Lifetime is proud to have helped Q’s wish come true. We thank all veterans for their noble service, and we are grateful for Quentin’s commitment to our country.

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