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Randy Herman Goes to the Cactus League

Randy, 75, was born in the south side of Chicago, IL. Ever since he can remember, he has been a Chicago Cubs fan, where he once even had the opportunity to see the Cubs play live at Wrigley Field when he was 15 years old. Randy and his brother, Paul, have an ongoing sibling rivalry between what team is better— the Cubbies or the White Sox. Currently residing at Brookdale Sun City West in AZ, Randy’s one true Wish would be to see the Cubbies vs. White Sox Cactus League Game in Arizona during March of 2016.

As a young boy Randy loved to play baseball, but then life changes. Due to contracting measles at a young age, Randy was no longer able to play the sport he loved due to medical complications leaving him confined to a wheelchair. Randy still keeps a positive attitude and outlook on life by saying, “Maybe I can’t play it, but I can still watch it!” He continues to bring joy to those around him at his Brookdale community by serving as an ambassador, showing new residents around the facility and helping them acclimate to their new home. He has lived at the facility for 18 years, making him the longest resident to this day!

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Wish of a Lifetime and Brookdale made Randy’s Wish a reality by sending him and his friend Penny, a staff member of his community, to the Cactus League Game on March 18th in Glendale, AZ. Paul said the White Sox can beat the Cubs, but Randy said there’s not a chance! Randy had the opportunity to spectate this deep rooted rivalry and was wearing Cubs gear from head to toe to support his favorite team. “Randy is still smiling ear to ear, even a few days after the wish happened,” stated Penny.

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Photography Credits: AZ Photo Works, Paul Hubbard

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