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Robert Keeps 5-Decade Promise – To See The Eclipse

Robert, 80, of Bradenton, FL, is a philanthropic man with a passion for learning. In the 1960s, Robert had the chance to see a solar eclipse with his brother-in-law’s astronomy class but was unable to go. When hearing his brother-in-law talk about how blown away he was with seeing such a phenomenon, Robert was extremely disappointed that he missed it and vowed he would see an eclipse during his lifetime. Now, 50 years later, Robert is ready to honor that vow.

Robert thrives on knowledge and generosity. Growing up, he worked every odd job he could find in order to afford an education. With his strong perseverance and dedication to learning, Robert earned a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering and a master’s and a doctorate degree in metallurgical engineering. Robert has also given back greatly to his community. He was involved in various volunteer positions within his church, his son’s boy scout troop, and an international organization that develops and publishes the standards of industrial commerce in the United States. Currently, Robert is active in his philanthropic efforts and helps run a scholarship fund at his Brookdale community.

Wish of a Lifetime and Brookdale were proud to make Robert’s lifelong wish a reality by sending him and his wife to Columbia, South Carolina to witness the solar eclipse on August 21st. With a little magic – bestowed upon us by our extraordinary universe – and a couple of solar eclipse glasses, Robert and his wife were able to view the eclipse in totality at the South Carolina State Museum. Additionally, they had the opportunity to further their education in astronomy with special access to the museum’s observatory and exhibits. Robert was very excited to finally have the opportunity to fulfill the promise he made to himself and his brother-in-law over 50 years ago!

“Don’t give up on your dreams. Have an interest in doing things and go do them.” – Robert, a dream chaser.
Photography by: South Carolina State Museum Staff

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