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Ruby Plays the Guitar Again

Ruby, 92, residing in Brush, Colorado, has enjoyed playing the guitar for over 60 years. A fan of both English and Spanish songs, Ruby has even composed some of her own and compiled a songbook with hundreds of tunes in it. Unfortunately, Ruby lost her cherished 12-string guitar in the move to her assisted living facility a few years ago and has been unable to play as often as she would like. Because of Ruby’s undying love of music and connection to the guitar, Wish of a Lifetime acquired a new 12-string acoustic guitar for Ruby to enjoy for years to come!

Ruby’s love of music stemmed from her family—as a young adult, she watched her uncle play the guitar and wanted to try her hand at the instrument. Once she was married, Ruby and her husband played often and she even joined a band. Frequently, Ruby played for weddings, church concerts, and other special events in the area. After decades of playing, Ruby wanted nothing more than to have a new 12-string acoustic guitar so that she could reclaim her passion.

On January 5, 2015, Ruby was presented a guitar thanks to the generosity of Wildwood Guitars in Louisville, CO.

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