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Ruth Visits Family

Ruth 74, of Colorado & Marian, 85, of Oregon are siblings that had not seen each other in 24 years. The sisters wished to be reunited with their 3 other living siblings in Brainerd, MN. The last time the whole family recalls being together at the same time and place was at their mothers’ funeral in 1988. Although all the siblings keep in touch over the phone, living in different states makes it financially difficult to facilitate a family reunion. With a brother that is soon to turn 91, and Marian’s health not permitting air travel, Ruth realized her need to see her family. She believes this may have been her last chance of visiting with her siblings. As a result, she wished to visit with her 3 siblings in MN and sister, Marian, in OR.

Ruth believes that wanting to help others is simply what a Christian woman like her is supposed to do. In addition to personally taking the time to care for another resident in her community, over the course of her life, Ruth’s held various volunteer positions such as that of a volunteer for the VOA (Volunteers of America) lunch program and Sunday School Teacher. Currently Ruth serves on the resident council of her older adult community where her duties include helping organize functions and events that will be enjoyed by the residents such as potlucks, bingo nights, and bible study.

Marian, on the other hand, while her children were at school, would volunteer her time at nursing homes. She recalls playing bingo with the elderly, reading mail to people that couldn’t read, and being awarded second place for the “Woman of the Year” title due to her volunteer work. Marian at one point in her life also belonged to a philanthropic organization for muscular dystrophy, where she was able to help organize a fundraising event to benefit the organization.

Although in the past 7 years Marian has had 7 different surgeries in which she hopes they are all over so that she can enjoy life, both Ruth and Marian have experienced tremendous obstacles in dissolved marriages. Nevertheless they both attribute their ability to overcome this obstacle to their faith and strong family relations.

Thank to Wish of a Lifetime, on July 7th Ruth traveled to Brainerd, MN where she was able to visit with her three siblings, then following that, on July 10th Ruth traveled to Klamath Falls where she and Marian will be able to reconnect. This wish of reconnecting with one another will not only have a lasting impact on Ruth and Marian, but the rest of the family as well. It has allowed them the chance to be reunited and to celebrate happiness and each other one last time.

Photographer credit in Brainerd,MN : Jen kasberg
Photographer credit in Klamath Falls: Danika Fettinger daisylanephotography


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