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Sadie Purchases Her First Doll

Sadie Rosenberg of Vernon Hills, IL has wished most of her 100 years of life for something that most girls cherish throughout childhood. Sadie was born in Chicago, IL and raised in an orphanage after her mother tragically passed away in 1918. As the eldest child, Sadie took care of her siblings and made sure to use the little money they had for necessities, but remembers longingly passing toy store windows to admire dolls of every kind.

Raising her children presented a similar challenge. Although Sadie and her husband both worked full-time jobs, they were never able to present their two daughters with dolls of their own due to financial struggle. Decades later, she still apologizes often to her grown daughters and keeps a doll made of yarn that a friend made for her at the orphanage.

Despite her challenging past, Sadie still works for the good of her community. At Vernon Hills, she managed “Sadie’s Store,” a convenience shop for residents, for 10 years and always loves to get involved in the activities created by the resident program coordinator. Throughout her life, Sadie has always placed others before herself and owning her very first doll would symbolize that Sadie’s hard work and kindness has lead to great reward.

Thanks to Brookdale and Wish of a Lifetime, Sadie’s Wish came true in late July, 2015. Sadie will travel with her daughter, Helene to the American Girl Doll Store in downtown Chicago to pick out her very first doll. She will spend the day at the store and have lunch in the attached Bistro, where her doll will even get a seat at the table!


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