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For many, a sister is: a lifelong confidant, a fearless defender, and an unfailing friend.  

As they grow from bright-eyed, childhood adventurers to wise and caring advisors, sisters are always there for us.  Part of us believes that they will always be there, that there will always be another visit.

But, what if you weren’t able to see your sister again?

This was a very real concern for 65-year-old Ohio native Susan (Sue), who hadn’t seen her sister, Grace, in over two years.  

Sue is the youngest of six children and after her brother died in Vietnam, her family began to drift apart. Then when her parents passed away, they grew even further, though Sue and Grace always stayed close. 

“Grace got me into trouble when we were little, but we were the best of sisters,” Sue said.  For Sue, Grace has been so much more than a doting elder sister, she has been a true safe harbor during difficult times.  

Though she had no children, Sue was always busy working to make ends meet. From factory work to grocery stores to the police station, she did it all. Unfortunately, Sue’s financial situation never allowed for a trip to visit her sister.

“I can’t afford to do this on my own and never realized that there were people out there who could help,” Sue said, “I just want to have a joyous time with her.  We never get to celebrate fun times; we are only always together during sad times.”

On Saturday, July 21, 2018, Sue got her wish.  Thanks to Wish of a Lifetime and our wonderful friends at GHC Housing Partners, Sue was on a plane for the very first time to finally visit Grace.  

“I was petrified of flying,” Sue explained, “but I got over that. I did. I even sat next to the window, coming from Philadelphia to back home.”  

Grace and her husband were there to greet Sue at the airport with warm smiles and big hugs.  “Oh goodness, it was so overwhelming!” Sue said, “I am so grateful to Wish of a Lifetime.”

The two sisters spent the week exploring the cabin, talking and laughing and relaxing together for the first time in a long time. Sue shared, “We went down and got in the lake a few times, I wish I could’ve stayed longer.”   

The time they spent together reinvigorated Sue’s spirits, and she finds herself feeling more hopeful about the coming years and wants to become more involved with her community.

“You know, people when they get older, they get achy and all that,” Sue said, “but the world doesn’t come to an end.  Be a part of things. Dreams do come true. Trust me. Mine did.”