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Sue Surrounds Herself with Sheep

Up until about 10 years ago, Sue, 96, has been around sheep. Her family traveled from place to place in various sheep camps, which gifted Sue the chance of herding 500-1,000 sheep throughout her day. When she married her husband, they built a brick house where they raised their children. Sadly, Sue and family had to sell the majority of their sheep when Sue’s husband passed away in 1974. She kept a few lambs, as they made her happy, but Sue has not been surrounded by a herd of 100 or more sheep since her husband passed away. Sue loves sheep because they uplift her spirits while making her feel young again.  “It puts a feeling of joy in my heart, like when you hear that song ‘Star Spangled Banner’, that’s how I feel when I see sheep,” she says.

Sheep have been a constant in Sue’s life while others have not. Sue was married to her late husband when she was only fourteen years old. The two had seventeen kids together; however, only nine of her kids are still alive today. “The hardest thing I’ve had to overcome is losing any one of my children. It never leaves you…you just appreciate what you have now.” Although these losses have been difficult, Sue is appreciative of the family she still has in her life. Today she lives in a older adult home, where they take good care of her. Though she claims she misses the freedom of being able to leave and do what she wants, she still likes to get out to lunch and visit her friends and family whenever possible.

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Just being able to see all the sheep will serve Sue with a good memory that will last her a lifetime. Sue claims completing this Wish will continue to inspire others to always hold on to a dream in their heart. “If it comes true that is great. If not, holding on to it is still inspiring. It’s like having a favorite piece of jewelry.”

Wish of a Lifetime was excited to hear about Sue’s story and help her with her dream of being surrounded by a herd of sheep. Canyon of the Ancient’s Guest Ranch invited Sue to spend time with their herd of 120 sheep, while hosting a special Navajo dinner just for her visit. It was an experience Sue won’t soon forget, reliving happy childhood memories while creating new ones that will last a lifetime.

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Photo credit: Mirabal Photography

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