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Christie, Vickie, and Brayden smile and look at each other in front of big tree in park

Vickie Reunites with Her Best Friend and Godson

There are many kind words you could say about Vickie, age 66. She is kind, generous, and has a contagious smile. Those who know her well would tell you that she’s also someone you could turn to for help during a challenging time.

That’s because Vickie has faced many obstacles herself. Vickie became pregnant when she was young and was not able to finish high school. It’s something that has held her back when pursuing opportunities to work and support herself.

In 2017, Vickie suddenly lost her job, which led her to experience homelessness. Vickie was in and out of shelters for four years, but she never gave up the determination to get back on her feet. But she never stopped thinking of others, like how she baked cookies for the shelters she stayed at to sell at fundraisers.

Vickie’s perseverance paid off, and she now has a space of her own to call home. Two years ago, she completed her high school degree and is now enrolled in online college courses. She also found a job through AARP Foundation’s Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP), a community service and work-based job training program for older Americans.

Tackling life’s challenges head-on has also given Vickie great compassion for those who cross her path. Christie is one of those fortunate people. Vickie and Christie met 12 years ago while they were both working at a fast-food restaurant in California. The pair instantly clicked, and a wonderful friendship blossomed.

One day, Christie was in tears and confided to Vickie that she was pregnant. Vickie became a mother figure for Christie during this time, supporting her through every stage of the pregnancy. And when Brayden was born, she babysat as often as she could so Christie could continue working. Full of gratitude, Christie expressed her love for her friend by asking Vickie to be Braydon’s godmother.

In 2012, the friends were devastated when Vickie had to move out of state. It was a heart-wrenching goodbye. They kept their relationship alive through long phone calls and Facebook messages. When Vickie was experiencing homelessness, Christie was her greatest cheerleader, giving Vickie the encouragement she needed to keep going.

When Wish of a Lifetime heard Vickie’s story, we were delighted to help these loved ones reconnect and acknowledge Vickie for the incredible person she is today.

“This wish of a lifetime will mend my relationship with myself and help me reunite with a girl that I love and adore,” Vickie said. “It will make me so fulfilled!”

And to make things even sweeter, Vickie, Christie, and Brayden reunited on Mother’s Day! Christie surprised Vickie at the airport, and with tears flowing, the pair embraced for the first time in 12 years. It was the start of a heartfelt weekend full of sharing old stories and making new memories.

The group enjoyed a delicious Mother’s Day seafood dinner, visited a local coffee shop, played at the park, and picked out treats from the Ice Cream Truck. Their time together was full of smiles and laughter—it was like no time had passed at all.

When she returned home, Vickie shared with us that she felt the visit brought new energy to their friendship and lives. She felt encouraged and supported after seeing her best friend and godson again.

“Spending Mother’s Day with Christie was a dream come true!” Vickie said. “She is my family and will always be a part of my family.”

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