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The slow,gentle sound of ocean waves has been the backdrop of Woody and Eugina’s life for 62 years of marriage.Their favorite dates were spent camping at Fernandina Beach and treating themselves to a seafood dinner at the Marina restaurant.

Throughout his life, Woody has always donated his time to others. At one point, he was a caregiver with Stephen Ministries which connected many different churches. As a caregiver, Woody would go to the houses of members of the churches who could no longer attend church and talk with them. He remembers them having many difficulties in life and working to help them out.


“Fernandina beach is one of the places that we really love. When we were younger, and we had a camper we used to go camping there right in front of the beach. We loved it dearly,” he said.

Wish of a Lifetime and Brookdale were excited to send the inspirational couple and their daughter,Ruthie Brown, and Samantha, a beloved nurse, to go along with them. The day began with a ritzy arrival via limo, then the two roamed the sunny terrain hand-in-hand on special sand rovers.


Then the lovebirds were taken to the restaurant that they spent many special meals at. The two were able to look into each other’s eyes and see the honeymooners in the same spot more than 62 years ago. Both of their lives have been intertwined since then, and it all started at that beach. Sadly, they would have to go back to their facility where they live apart due to differing health issues. But for one day they could be there together.

Their dream was meant to show others that your past is never too far behind.

“It would give others hope that they can still have some dreams come true and are not done finishing experiencing new things,” Woody said.

Photos courtesy of Pam Bell Photography