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Zenaida Helps San Fransisco Giants Push Past Marlins

Zenaida, 79, resides at Woodside Terrace in Redwood City, CA, She is not only a life-long resident of the Bay Area, but also is a life-long fan of the San Francisco Giants. This love for baseball began when she was going to school in a Catholic convent and the nuns organized a day for the some baseball players to come to the school to have a meal with the students. Since that day, she has had an unwavering passion for baseball, which is why her Wish of a Lifetime was to meet some of her favorite SF Giants players.

Zenaida’s family has a long history of baseball that spans back to the early days of the sport itself. Her uncle tried out for the San Francisco Seals, a minor league team, but they wouldn’t allow him to play because of his skin color. Though baseball is just a sport to some, to Zenaida baseball has helped her get through depression and sadness throughout the years. It is something for her to look forward to during the winter months, and when she talks with the other residents about the Giants, it never fails to put a smile on her face. She stated that when the Giants win, everyone talks about it at meal times, and it is “incredible to see the excitement on everyone’s faces”.

On May 10th, Zenaida’s Wish of a Lifetime was granted on her 79th birthday. Joined by her daughter, Maria, Zanaida received an on-field tour where she got to meet some of her favorite Giants players. Later, more than 20 family and friends joined Zenaida for the game…another Giants victory!

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