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Adaline and Jessie Go to Sanibel Island

Adaline and Jessie, 98, are identical twins that spend most of their time together. Growing up the twins remember taking trips with their family every summer to the beach. The twins’ favorite place in the world is a place where they can hear the ocean waves. Many years ago, they learned of family that visited Sanibel Island, Florida. Hearing how beautiful the location was made them think about the days when they were younger and how much they miss having the time to just relax by the beachside. They have wanted to go to Sanibel Island ever since, but have never been able to make this happen. They yearn for the chance to spend time with one another and their daughters before they are not able to travel. Their Wish of a Lifetime was to celebrate their 98th year by going to Sanibel Island with their daughters, Anne and Addy.

The twins enjoy giving back to their community. “What you can’t give in money you can always give in time,” said Adeline. She spent time volunteering at her church and the children’s theater making costumes for many of their productions. Jessie volunteered her time with the Red Cross for many years. She also volunteered with the Junior League and the library. Family means everything to the twins, and they were always willing to chaperone their childrens’ field trips and other extracurricular activities.

Wish of a Lifetime and Brookdale Senior Living were excited to send Adaline, Jessie and their two daughters to Sanibel Island. The family spent an incredible time on the island. They were able to stay very close to the ocean, making it easy to access and enjoy the sounds of the waves. The twins found a pair of lounge chairs under some palm trees that allowed them to sit outside for hours. It was an extraordinary experience for the whole family and they wished that they could have stayed on the island forever.

Photo Credit: Laurenicole Photography

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