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Marie Reunites with her Two Younger Brothers

Marie, 83, of Brookdale North Austin, grew up as the middle child in a house full of brothers, four to be exact. Her two older brothers have passed away, but she remains very close to her two younger brothers, who live in different parts of the country. More than anything, Marie wishes to reunite with her two brothers, Don, 80, of Richmond, VA, and Joe, 75, of Crossville, TN.

Marie got married and raised a family with her husband and had three children–two daughters and a son. Marie was a homemaker when the kids were young—she then started working at the Soil Conservation Service where she tracked weather, handled payroll and controlled the map library. She volunteered for Huguley Hospital in Fort Worth, where they invited her to volunteer as a candy striper, one who delivers flowers and magazines to patients. Marie is typically very cheerful and loves to help others in her spare time, but overall she loves her family. Family is number one.

Growing up, Marie remembers “putting up with a lot of teasing and protection,” but nevertheless, she enjoyed having brothers because they were always there for her. Marie says, “Even though they don’t live here, I know they’re there. They know when I’m down and care for me when I’m a little under the weather.” At times, Marie feels sad when she misses her husband and older brothers who have passed away; however, a phone call from Don or Joe immediately cheers her up. They talk on the phone at least once a week to stay in touch.

About his older sister, Don said, “I love her and I would do anything for her.” When describing his relationship with Marie, Joe said, “We used to hang out all the time. She was 8 years older than me and I was the baby. She was more like my mother than our mother was.” The siblings were very close growing up. As they got older, their careers and families took them to different places in life. Don and Joe both joined the army and served during the Vietnam War era. After that, Don worked for the CIA and traveled often for work. The three of them have not been all together in one place for ten years.

Thanks to Wish of a Lifetime and Brookdale, Marie, Don, and Joe were reunited once again! Marie and Joe traveled to visit Don in Fredricksburg, VA. Marie and her daughter, Theresa, arrived in the evening and upon arriving at their hotel, Marie was surprised by her two younger brothers waiting for her in the lobby. The next two days were filled long talks, laughs, and quality time with family. “My favorite part? Being with my baby brothers,” said Marie, “I never though I’d get to see them again.”

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Photos by M Harris Studios

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