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Al Revives his Musical Groove

Al, 84, of Grand Court in Novi, MI, is a caring and humble gentleman. Al served as an army corporal for two years and spent the majority of his time in the service overseas, training in Japan and Korea. After his time in the military, Al went on to become a mailman and later became a draftsman for American Motors. He worked hard to put his son through college and also cover the expenses for his daughter’s classes.

While he was working and raising a family, Al began playing the saxophone. Al remembers first hearing the saxophone as a kid and was fascinated by the instrument. Al finally got the chance to start playing the saxophone himself when he was 35. He took a year of lessons and began practicing in his basement to not disturb his family. Playing the saxophone was Al’s favorite hobby until he had a stroke, causing him give up on playing.

Al’s Wish of a Lifetime was to get back his old hobby playing the saxophone. Wish of a Lifetime and Brookdale provided Al with an alto saxophone and lessons to get Al back to playing like he used to. It has been over 10 years since Al has played the saxophone, and, when he heard that he would get a sax of his own, Al was thrilled! On February 13, 2014, Al had his very first lesson at a music school near by. After completing three lessons, Al already feels like he is back on track to finding his musical groove again!


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