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Veteran Visits National WWII Museum in New Orleans

The story of veteran Abe S., 94, from Delray Beach, FL is an awe-inspiring tale of triumph, passion, and positivity. Abe was a navigator and 2nd Lieutenant for the Air Force in WWII. He flew 10 successful missions, but on the 11th his plane was shot down. Forced to eject the plane while flying high over the Alps, Abe landed safely–though tangled in a tree. Local farmers drew their BB guns on Abe, who was then taken to Stalag Luft 1 as a Prisoner of War.

Abe survived his time as a POW for six months. A feat even more shocking given his Jewish birth. The Prussian colonel who ran the camp was a supporter of the Geneva convention, which kept Abe safe from going to a Jewish concentration camp, and the two became friends during his stay there. Upon returning to America, Abe married his wife, Ivy, and the couple had three sons. Though Abe survived great hardship as a POW and soldier, his sunny disposition and positive attitude made him a wonderful father.

This valiant war hero’s Wish of A Lifetime was to visit the National WWII Museum in New Orleans, Louisiana. WOL was honored to grant Abe’s Wish by sending him and his son Jeffrey to the museum on Saturday February 16th. WOL was thrilled to be giving back to a man who survived so much on behalf of our entire nation. Abe and his son enjoyed a private tour of the museum and were treated to lunch by the Museum’s Director. Abe and Jeffery said the trip went above and beyond their expectations and will be one they never forget!

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