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Alvin Rides a Boat in Norfolk, VA

Alvin D., 93, from Brookdale Bath in Akron, Ohio, is a proud US veteran. Alvin served in the Navy during WWII and escorted vessels to the British Isles. Although Alvin and his crew were often an easy target for submarine attacks, they were never hit. Alvin said “I gave to my country a part of my life, and I would never have changed that.” Ever since his time in the Navy, Alvin has loved the water. Unfortunately he has not been on a boat in 25 years. Alvin wished he could get back out on the water.

After his service in WWII, Alvin returned to the US and earned a degree in electrical engineering from Purdue. With his background in electrical engineering, Alvin became the community’s “fix-it” man and enjoyed repairing various items around his home and neighborhood. Throughout his life, Alvin dreamed about living on a lake and owning a boat, but his dream never came to fruition. Even though his dream of owning a boat did not come true, Alvin continued to love the water.

Wish of a Lifetime and Brookdale Senior Living were excited to send Alvin, his son, Bob, and Brookdale Bath’s resident care associate, Brandy, to Norfolk, VA from July 21-23, 2017. Not only did Alvin go on a boat ride, but also learned about the various vessels at the Norfolk Navy Station. While aboard the Victory Rover, Allen was able to reminisce about his time in the Navy and learn more about Aircraft Carriers, Amphibious Assault Ships, Destroyers, Submarines and Cruisers. After the cruise, Alvin enjoyed a private tour of the Norfolk Navy Base where he got an up close look at an aircraft carrier. Thanks to MB Solutions, Alvin was able to get to and from his tours comfortably and on time. Bob said “The trip went really well. Dad said it was the best trip he’s been on.”

Photo Credit: Jared Beasley

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