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Irene Has a Date With Firefighters

Irene G., 95, of Alpharetta, GA, is a loving older adult with a fondness for visitors, especially those who fight fires. A few months ago, a tornado threatened the area in which Irene lives, and it was imperative she find refuge in her neighbor’s living room. Since Irene is bedbound, her neighbor volunteered to bring her over. However, he was unable to bring her back to her house later in the night. Two firemen quickly came to her rescue and carried Irene safety back to home. Ever since then, Irene has not been able to stop talking about the handsome, strong firemen who rescued her. Irene’s wish of a lifetime is to reconnect with the two firemen who carried her to safety and thank them once again for the kindness they showed her.

Irene is an extremely caring mother of four and spent most of her life tending to her children. In addition to her four daughters, Irene also has 15 grandchildren, 28 great grandchildren and 10 great great grandchildren. She was very involved in her church and spent time making hats for members of the church. Irene would also volunteer at local schools and has always enjoyed working with children. Recently, Irene has encountered medical ailments that have affected her mobility and she is unable to leave her bed. Although she can no longer leave the house to do the activities she once enjoyed, she still loves having visitors and the visit of the firemen was very exciting for her.

Wish of a Lifetime was thrilled to help Irene’s wish to reconnect with the firemen come true. With the help of the Alpharetta Fire Station 81, Best Little Flower Shop, Maraz Makeup and Hair, and CreativeSoul Photography, the community came together for Irene’s special day. Irene received star treatment by receiving a new dress and getting her hair and makeup done in preparation for the firefighter’s arrival. The firemen then returned once more to her home, with two large bouquets, for a lunch date with Irene. “She’s going to talk about this forever,” her daughter, Victoria, said after the wish, “Everyone seemed like family.”

Photography by CreativeSoul Photography

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