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Andra H, 73, experiences four generations!

Andra H., 71, of Colorado Springs Colorado is a selfless mother of three who has endured great trauma in her life. Andra was abused by her mother as a child and looked after her four siblings through their challenging childhood. Andra raised her three children as a single mother for most of their growing up. Aside from bravely facing the challenges that she faced in her life, Andra went back to get her degree later and life and worked as a counselor. Andra is still committed to helping others, even as she ages. Andra helps take care of grandchildren and is always available to support her children, as well. Andra wished to reconnect with her grandson and to meet her great grandson for the first time.

Wish of a Lifetime sent Andra to Phoenix, Arizona on May 27th for a week with her family. Andra reportedly felt like a queen and smiled the whole week. Andra was so grateful to Wish of a Lifetime for letting her reconnect with so many special members of her family and meet her grandson for the first time- an experience that she never imagined having.

Photos Courtesy of Walter Howard

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