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Angelina Reunites with her Nephew

Angelina is an amazing and caring woman. Before moving to Burlington, VT, about 16 years ago, Angelina lived in Brooklyn, NY where she raised her two sons and her nephew Anthony. Angelina’s Wish is to reunite with her nephew Anthony, whom she hasn’t seen in over a decade.

Angelina’s Wish came to us through a supporter and volunteer, Bill Maris. Bill is a Managing Partner of Google Ventures, and had been doing charitable work at the Champlain Senior Center in Burlington. Bill wanted to give back to the older adults in the community in a big way, highlighting and celebrating their achievements by finding and granting their Wish of a Lifetime. Angelina’s Wish was announced during a holiday party at the Senior Center.

Angelina was a single mother living in Brooklyn. She did everything to make ends meet for her two sons. At times, life was a struggle for Angelina, who constantly worried about providing for her family. Anthony and Angelina developed a unique bond that strengthened over the years. Unfortunately, in 1995 Angelina lost both her father and sister (Anthony’s mother) unexpectedly. She said she was a wreck and moved out to Burlington to live with her son Michael. She says, “moving to Burlington saved my life.” She has not seen Anthony in over a decade, but talks with him regularly on the phone, never missing a birthday or holiday.

Wish of a Lifetime, with the generous support of Bill Maris, sent Angelina and Michael, to East Stroudsburg, PA to visit with Anthony and his family. In August, they were reunited again after over a decade. Angelina was grateful to share quality time with Anthony; reminiscing about past times.

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