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Pat Visits her Grandchildren in Canada

Patricia, 75, of the Waterford Community in Dayton, OH, has had one goal in mind for many years – to visit her grandchildren. It was her Wish of a Lifetime to go to Alberta, Canada, and spend time with her family.

Pat hadn’t seen her four grandchildren since they were very young. Her daughter, Tania, moved to Canada about seven years ago, when her youngest child was only 6 years old. Due to life, jobs, and international travel, Pat hadn’t been able to see her grandchildren since they moved, but she never lost hope. For years she kept a jar labeled “Canada” on her windowsill, adding a few coins to it every day with the hope that she could one day make the trip.

Pat worked as a Special Education teacher for 27 years. She was devoted to her students, and loved how different each child’s needs were. Pat was also an active volunteer for the Girl Scouts, Bible school, Sunday school, and coached the Special Olympics in her town. These days, she enjoys spending time painting and baking.

Wish of a Lifetime and Brookdale Senior Living worked together to make Pat’s wish come true by sending her to Canada to visit her grandkids from August 17th – 30th, 2012. She spent two weeks there, where she was able to stay with her family and reconnect with her grandchildren.


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