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Archie Comics Welcomes its Newest Character, Alberta

We live in an era where digital outlets seem to dominate many facets of modern life. When information and entertainment are readily available with just a click of a button, more traditional forms of communication have begun to die out. Alberta, 90, grew up in an era where the newspaper was the preferred news source and where comics were a popular form of entertainment. For Alberta, comics are time capsules. To this day when she receives her weekly newspaper, she skips directly to the funnies.

Alberta has read comics ever since she was a kid and Archie was always one of her favorites. She was never into Spiderman or superheroes but loved the good, clean, funny jokes that Archie shared with her over the years. Comics took on an even greater role in Alberta’s life after she suffered a stroke that rendered her incapable of communicating verbally. Before this happened Alberta lived alone and valued her independence. Reading Archie helps Alberta relive her past and uplifts her spirits. With the flip of each page she is transported back to a more carefree and simpler way of life.

Brookdale and Wish of a Lifetime were happy to surprise Alberta with a very unique gift to celebrate her favorite comic book. On March 18th, Alberta received a bundle of Archie Comic’s as well as a personalized cartoon featuring Alberta alongside Archie and friends. We would like to extend a special thank you to Archie Comic’s and artist, Fernando Ruiz, for making this a one-of-a-kind wish.

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