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Bea Enjoys an Italian Experience

Bea, 79, is an active, determined and positive person. She is very mentally active and loves to help around the community and chat with others as much as she can. After losing her husband twelve years ago, she often reminisces on the fun date nights they used to have going to Italian restaurants. Eating Italian food on date nights was one of her fondest and most loving memories of being with her husband. And, as Beatrice says, “you can’t have Italian food without listening to Dean Martin!” She Wished to reminisce on her relationship with her husband by enjoying a night of Italian food and fun, as she doesn’t get the opportunity to dine out or eat real Italian food anymore.

Beatrice currently resides in an assisted living facility. She has always been a very independent woman, so losing her independence has been hard for her. A couple of years ago, Beatrice had a fall and is now wheelchair bound. She believed her Wish would give her a boost and add meaning in her life. Brookdale Senior Living and Wish of a Lifetime were able to grant her Wish by having her favorite dish, Chicken Picatta, delivered to her, along with throwing she and her friends a pizza party and inviting a Dean Martin impersonator to set the mood for the party.

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