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Ken Shares His Family History

Ken Darcy, 82, of Marysville, Washington, has a fascinating family history that he wanted to share with his grandsons. Born and raised in the Seattle area, Ken’s father was an Irish father and his mother was Swedish. His father left Ireland when he was 10 years old to escape the Potato Famine and their family settled in Victoria, British Columbia. Growing up, Ken and his family would often make the trip to visit his grandparents. First they would stop by Anacortes, Washington to visit his mother’s parents. From there, they would catch a ferry to Canada to visit his father’s parents and family in Victoria.

Ken still has fond memories of visiting his grandparents. To Ken, it was important to share and record family stories. More than anything, he wished to once again visit Anacortes, where he could show his grandsons where his grandparents lived and are buried. He believed that seeing the places he visited as a child would spark memories in him that he could share with his own grandsons. “It would make me feel hopeful to pass on some heritage that can continue in the family line,” said Ken.

With the help of Wish of a Lifetime, Ken returned to Anacortes with his wife, daughter, son-in-law and grandsons. Ken’s cousin and her son warmly greeted Ken and his family at the house where his mother grew up. Ken was happy to spend the day in Anacortes with his family and share family stories.

Photos by Abbie Kunch Photography

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