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Betty Takes Painting Lessons

Betty (82) of Brookdale High Point North has always had a passion for art. She has been painting for most of her life, she started with going to art lessons with her sister where they would oil paint on wood and she fell in love with painting and creating art. Betty was also a member of the Saddle Club where she would also bring her creativity to life and would help make capes for the horses and matching outfits for the riders to wear during races.

Betty has always made tremendous sacrifices for her loved ones by taking time out of her busy schedule to make sure everyone was taken care of. Betty never hesitated to put her family first, but it made it hard to keep up with her passion and letting her gift of her creativity grow. She now finds time to keep up with this passion through her community’s art class, she is always the first one there ready to create her newest piece of art. The art instructor at her community admired her work so much that they surprised Betty with a scrapbook of her art that she had created by participating in the art classes. She loves her art classes so much and wants to learn new skills to help continue to paint more beautiful paintings.

Wish of a Lifetime and Brookdale are excited to have brought professional artist Jeremy Sams to Betty’s community to give her private painting lessons and celebrate her art with her community in March of 2017. Betty took three art classes with Jeremy and loved the experience. She said, “It was absolutely perfect”. Wish of a Lifetime hopes that Betty can use her art lessons to continue to develop her craft.

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