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Carmelita’s Holy Land Experience

Carmelita,76, of Huntington Beach, CA is described by those who love her as a “loving and giving person”. In the past, Carmelita has been instrumental in sending supplies such as canned goods and clothing for hurricane or typhoons disaster victims in the Philippines. Currently, Carmelita is in poor health and suffers from multiple chronic illnesses, complications of hypertension, spinal stenosis and stage 4 of Kidney Disease. Visiting Israel and touring the Holy Land has been a long time dream of hers, but unfortunately due to her health complications has been unable to fly overseas. Although Carmelita is going through difficult times physically and financially, her family and religion help her push forward.

Thanks to Wish of a Lifetime, Carmelita and her companion were able to visit the Holy Land Experience in early March where she was then able to be joined by her sister in experiencing everything the theme park had to offer. Although Carmelita initially thought that visiting the Holy Land Experience in Orlando, FL and seeing the recreation of where Jesus Christ was born, walked, talked, and died would bring her joy, she later admitted that her visit was “something that went beyond my expectations”. Further adding “I felt revitalized and reconnected in the historically rich setting”. Carmelita was able to enjoy the play/productions, visit the Prayer Garden, and enjoy the statues, paintings and a general architecture stating “I was mesmerized by the spiritually inspired replica of Jerusalem, Israel. To be there is to re-invent ones faith, and charity”. Having to pick one, Carmelita says that personal highlight was when the actor Jesus came straight towards her and greeted her with a warm smile and asked her if he could pray for her. Overall, Carmelita is very grateful for having been able to be granted a memorable wish.

Photography Credit: Carmela Blackwell Photography

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March 1, 2017