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Blayne Reminisces With Other Vets

97-year-old Blayne is an inspirational veteran who served our country selflessly during WWII and the Korean War. He grew up in Oklahoma and found tremendous value and promise in being a part of the United States Armed Forces. Blayne values and cherishes his past in the military; he never hesitates to describe favorite memories and experiences of his in great detail, even from his wheelchair or during somber times. Unfortunately, it had been quite some time since Blayne was able to relive and discuss his military past with another veteran like himself. Blayne’s Wish was to connect with other veterans so that they could talk about their days in the military.

Blayne served in the 1st Infantry Division of the Army, the oldest division in its history, which has earned nicknames like “The Big Red One” and “The Fighting First” due to their involvement in dangerous battles like D-Day. Blayne served in the 1st Infantry Division under General Dwight Eisenhower, who he saluted dozens of times throughout his military career. Blayne served his country proudly throughout World War II and the Korean War and, by the time he left the military, he had achieved the rank of Master Sergeant, the fifth highest rank a person can obtain in the Army. Undoubtedly, Blayne served his country well and created long-lasting memories that he will never forget.

Wish of a Lifetime was happy to set up a meeting with other WWII veterans. Blayne and the other vets were in good company, swapping stories of their times in the service.

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