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George Goes Deep Sea Fishing

George, 90, of Walnut, CA, has a passion for fishing. His love of the sport comes from his parents, who went fishing every morning for many years. Once he had children, George took them all fishing to instill in the same interest in them. Over the years, George has fished throughout the California coast and become an excellent fisherman, making catches from barracuda to tuna. It has been over 10 years since the last time he was able to fish, making his Wish of a Lifetime —to go fishing on more time with his daughter, Amy—even more meaningful. George wanted to show his daughter the one thing that has made him happy all these years.

George is originally from California and moved around a lot of when he was younger. During this time, he volunteered on different farms to help combat the work shortage caused by the war. George continued to volunteer throughout his life, working with softball and basketball programs and ensuring that everything during the games ran smoothly. George has also volunteered in a retirement home, eager to help wherever he was needed.

Brookdale and Wish of a Lifetime were able to fulfill George’s wish on July 19th. George and Amy went on a half day deep sea fishing trip at Newport Landing. The weather was beautiful and it was George who caught the biggest fish of the day—a Black Sea Bass that the crew estimated to be around 100 years old and over 80 pounds. This catch was especially exciting because George has never caught anything like it before. Amy loved going fishing with her father, and said “he used to go quite often, so it was nice to get him out of the facility and doing something that he loved before.” It was a great day of fishing on behalf of an incredible person.


Photographer: Hugh Foster Photography

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September 15, 2016