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Bob Swims With Dolphins

For a number of years, Bob, 75, of Orange Park, FL, has had a dream of being close to his favorite animal, dolphins. Robert has always seen dolphins as incredibly intelligent and independent animals, and has longed to be able to interact with them. Although he has loved dolphins for years, he has never actually seen one in person.

Throughout his life, Bob was a self-sufficient and dedicated family man, who worked very hard to provide for his family. In 2012, Bob suffered from a stroke that significantly limited his independence, and was later diagnosed as being in the final stages of dementia. Bob’s daughters now take care of him full-time. As Bob’s health status changed, his world became significantly smaller.

Today, Bob continues to talk about his love for the sea, and requests to only watch TV shows on the topic. He imagines that an interaction with his favorite animal would not only be a dream come true for him and his family, but also an incredibly therapeutic experience. His mobility was significantly affected by the stroke, thus being in the water would allow him to feel independent once again. He would see this experience as a great achievement in his life, and something that his family would always treasure.

In order to fulfill Bob’s dream, Wish of a Lifetime collaborated with Marineland, in St. Augustine, FL to coordinate an exclusive visit for Bob and his family. On Friday, June 14th, 2013, Bob and his two daughters traveled to St. Augustine for a special private dolphin encounter. Bob and his daughters had an up close and personal visit with the dolphins, and it was more than they could have ever imagined! This is a memory that will always be cherished by Bob and his family.


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