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Cynthia Attends a Kentucy Wildcats Basketball Game

66 year-old Cynthia W. was born a Kentucky Wildcats fan. Her parents used to be huge fans and they passed it on to her. As diehard as Cynthia is, she has never had the opportunity to actually go to a Wildcats game and experience the electric atmosphere of Rupp Arena.

Brookdale Edgewood, where Cynthia lives, knows all about Cynthia’s love of the Wildcats. There’s a reason that the break room at the community is painted Wildcat Blue and the reason’s name is Cynthia. Cynthia watches all the games in her apartment and screams at the top of her lungs. She has even dyed her hair Wildcat Blue. She crochets things for other members of her community and, as you guessed it, they are generally Wildcat themed.

Cynthia said if she ever got the chance to go to a Wildcat game that she “Would cheer louder than anyone….I bleed Wildcat blue!” Her sister’s say they would probably never hear the end of it if Cynthia went to a game and that no gift they could give her would ever compare.

Brookdale and Wish of a Lifetime were thrilled to send Cynthia and her sister Becky to see the #11 ranked Kentucky Wildcats take on the #13 ranked Florida Gators in a huge SEC showdown on February 25th at Rupp Arena. Cynthia said she was so nervous the night before the game that she couldn’t sleep. The game was tied up at the half and her team wasn’t looking so good. Luckily the Wildcats exploded in the 2nd half and took care of business to give Cynthia a victory.

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