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After Many Decades, Henrietta Returns to the Skies.

Henrietta, 94, of Boynton Beach, Florida, identifies herself as a mother, teacher, story teller and friend. She just retired from teaching Library Sciences last year and is proud to have led such an illustrious career. She had to overcome racism and segregation, but has exceedingly positive memories of her life’s achievements. As Henrietta reflected on her life, she realized that one of her greatest achievements was the balloon ride that she was treated to while telling stories in New Mexico. She described her experience as one of the most incredible of her entire life. Henrietta Wished to ride a balloon again after 40 long years.

Henrietta says that she feels lucky to have had a lot of joy and opportunity in her life. She felt that returning to a hot air balloon would fill her with nostalgia and reconnect her with some of the most thrilling moments of her life. At 94, Henrietta was not at all scared of returning to the sky at all.

Wish of A Lifetime and Brookdale were very excited to be able to grant this special Wish. Henrietta loved every second of her ride. “It is amazing to see God’s beautiful world from that place…I did not sleep at all the night before, I was hyped up on adreneline all day…I have not been able to stop talking about it since!” she said.

We would not have been able to grant this terrific wish without the help of Mark Kersten, Miami Balloons and the staff at Dave McMahon’s photography.

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