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Daniel Returns to Napa

Daniel, 103, first visited his daughter’s vineyard—then just a hayfield in Napa Valley—around 45 years ago. Since then, he and his late wife drove down from Seattle every year to visit the land, play golf, drink wine and enjoy the company of family in the area. They purchased more land over the years and Daniel visited annually, watching it grow and succeed. This is a place that holds cherished memories with lifetime friends and family, and Daniel wished to see it one more time. There were some family members that Daniel had not seen for 9-10 years since his last visit to the vineyard.

Daniel volunteered at his local Lutheran church for most of his life, attending services and serving as an usher. He was also a very hard worker, providing his family with necessities and loving support for many years. Nowadays, Daniel continues to put others’ needs in front of his own at his Brookdale community home as a role model to many with his optimistic attitude and magnetic personality. He helps voice the concerns of many and also gives hope to others with his enigmatic sense of humor. His persevering positive attitude is an inspiration to many.

Wish of a Lifetime and Brookdale Senior Living were excited to send Daniel and his companion, Liz, to Napa Valley  to spend time with family at his daughter’s vineyard and ride the fairways of the Napa Golf Course at Kennedy Park in a golf cart once more. Daniel said, ” I feel so happy. Being at the vineyard and at the golf course was like going down memory lane.”

Photo credit: Aurora Heitman, Pearly Hens Photography

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