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Sisters Joan and Betty Reunite

Joan, 89, and Betty, 93, grew up as two of six children. Joan is the youngest, and Betty is the second youngest. As a result of their close ages, Joan and Betty have a special bond and strong relationship. The two enjoyed growing up on a farm together, riding ponies together, and walking to school together. Today, Joan and Betty stay in touch via phone calls and letters. “Betty and I have always been close. I sent her a picture of myself recently and she said, ‘I see one thing hasn’t changed—you didn’t lose your good looks!'” said Joan. She and Betty Wished they could reunite one final time.

Joan volunteered at her church for 40 years. She worked on various committees including the wedding committee and rosary society. Joan also volunteered as a cook and housekeeper for the church priest for 7 years. Betty was a pink lady volunteer at the San Bernardino Hospital for several years. She also volunteered at her church by setting up for mass and handing out bibles.

Sadly, Joan and Bettys’ four other siblings have passed away, making their reunion even more special. Wish of a Lifetime was excited to send Joan and her granddaughter, Katie, to Riverside, California to reunite with Betty. Joan and Betty couldn’t wait to reminisce about their past and create new memories after over a decade apart. “Joan was so happy to sit with her sister and reminisce. They sat and held hands and were happy,” said Katie. Shawn, an administrator at Joan’s community, said that upon Joan’s return, she “…was beaming with a big smile, and couldn’t wait to tell me all about [the trip]!” Joan said, “My prayers were every bit answered.”

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