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Darlena Attends MegaFest

Darlena C. (70) of Denver, CO is a very loving and caring older adult who was diagnosed with Lymphedema and Graves disease in 2002. Darlena never thought she herself would become disabled someday as she served in the air force, worked as a law enforcer and served disabled people. Ever since her diagnosis, Darlena had wished to attend MegaFest in Dallas. Darlena believed that at this stage of her life, since she is facing serious health problems, being able to go to this faith conference would help her cope with the illness that may disable her completely in the near future. To Darlena, MegaFest was somewhere she always thought she could find the power of healing and where she would be able to socialize in a heaven-like atmosphere.

Darlena has always placed service above self. She believes that people are placed in her life for a reason, and that it is her duty to help them in whatever way she can. Even with all her disabilities, her goal in life is to try to brighten someone’s day. Although her health condition makes walking a challenge, she continues to give back to her community. Over the course of her life, she volunteered in various hospitals, worked in home care with disabled people, and still volunteers at a local cemetery where she can help families with the grieving process. Darlena believes in the principle of placing herself in the shoes of others and treating others the way she would like to be treated. Darlena enjoys speaking to people that often go overlooked or ignored, and is the one who often befriends residents in her community who don’t get that much attention or company by always offering to play cards with them.

As seen through her volunteering, Darlena has chosen to always focus on the positive in life and surround herself with people who have strong faith and help her carry on. Thanks to Wish of a Lifetime and the generosity of Kathy Dolan, Darlena’s longtime wish of being able to attend Mega Fest was granted June 29th-July 2nd.

Photography Credit: KeeseKit Photography

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