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Diana Learns How to Train a Wolf

Diana, 72, has always had an appreciation and love for animals. Diana first became passionate about animals due to her husband, but soon she too shared a deep admiration for the wolf in particular. Since the 1970’s, Diana and her husband collected wolf figurines and photographs.

About 20 years ago, Diana and her husband had the opportunity to have their first in person encounter with this majestic animal. She stated that it was unlike anything she had ever experienced. They had the opportunity to interact with a wolf pack that they called the Saw Tooth Pack- these particular wolves were transferred to the Wolf Preservation from Idaho. At the Wolf Preservation she and her husband were able to pet and watch the Saw Tooth Pack as they were interacting with one another. Since this moment, Diana felt a special connection to wolves. After her initial interaction with wolves, Diana changed her last name to Wolf.

Currently residing at the Gayton Terrace in Richmond, VA, Diana’s wish of a lifetime was to once more pet and be with a wolf in person. Diana volunteered through the Salvation Army for a few years, helping to pack boxes of clothing and other items that were transported to various locations in need of supplies. Diana was incredibly devoted and loving to her family, raising her son and then later helping to raise her grandchildren. With the loss of her husband, most of Diana’s passions in life have been extinguished. She believed having the opportunity to reconnect with a wolf pack would reignite her passion for life.
Wish of a Lifetime and Brookdale made Diana’s wish a reality by sending her, her granddaughter, and her son to the VIP Wolf Experience at Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, VA in June 2015. They started off their experience learning about the biology and behaviors of wolves. After, the trainers showed Diana and her family the vocal and hand commands used and how they are rewarded when they accurately complete the command. Diana then was able to use the commands on the wolves herself. She and her family learned many things about the species and the best way to train them. It will be a day that Diana will cherish forever!

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