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Jackie Visits Her Cousin Carol

Jackie G., 74, of Brookdale Englewood in Florida has always been a family woman. Growing up, Jackie always looked up to her cousin Carol, who is six years older than her. Jackie and Carol’s families lived together during World War II, and after Jackie’s father returned from the war, Jackie’s family moved into their own home. Over the course of their lives, Jackie and Carol developed a close relationship that has stayed intact over the years. Recently, when Carol’s health took a turn for the worst, she moved from Florida to Texas to be closer to her immediate family. Jackie’s Wish of a Lifetime was to visit Dallas, Texas to spend time with her cousin one last time.

Jackie and Carol started families, had children, and worked diligently to provide for them. When Jackie’s parents passed away in the early 2000’s, Carol was there to support Jackie in any way possible. She helped Jackie deal with the emotional hardship that she was facing and provided comfort to her when she needed it most. When Jackie had a stroke in 2005, Carol helped Jackie move closer to family and find a comfortable place to live.

Jackie and Carol still kept in touch, but missed each other deeply and worried that they would not be able to see each other again. Thanks to Wish of a Lifetime and Brookdale, Jackie and Carol were able to spend quality time with each other in Dallas, Texas in June of 2015.

Photos courtesy of Robert Reeves Photography


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