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Dick Takes a Dive in an Aquarium

Dick is a 75 years-old native of Lamar, CO. He started scuba diving at the age of 15 in the lakes of Southern Colorado, and he carried that passion with him throughout his life. Unfortunately, Dick had a stroke in 1998, leaving the left side of his body completely paralyzed. Ever the optimist, Dick’s Wish of a Lifetime was to get back into the water for one last dive.

Just talking about scuba diving gets Dick’s blood flowing. He spent many years as a volunteer rescue diver for the Lamar Fire Department and volunteered on scuba diving missions in the Navy, where he served for four years. In 1980, Dick got his PADI certification and became a scuba instructor. He made over 200 dives in the famous “Blue Hole” in New Mexico and also scuba dived in the Great Barrier Reef and Cozumel. In addition to all his volunteering with the fire department, he chaired the March of Dimes for a year.

Dick is the type of person that never asks for anything. He has served his country with both the Navy and Air Force, and has always volunteered within his community. Many people completely give up on their passions when physical limitations arise, but Dick does not. Wish of a Lifetime was encouraged by Dick’s spirit and resilience and was happy to send him to the Downtown Aquarium on March 11th, 2013, for a snorkeling adventure with his friends Debra and Beth. Joining the group at the Downtown Aquarium was the entire WOL staff, several of Dick’s friends from Wynwood at Ridge Point, his son Mike, and his show-stealing granddaughter Mina (age 5). The entire group had a great time watching Dick navigate through an aquarium that included nurse sharks, barracudas, eels and many other sea creatures.

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