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Joann Brushes up on her Spanish

Joann, 70, of Denver is passionate about foreign languages, particularly Spanish. Her Wish of a Lifetime was to attend a Spanish-enthusiast meet-up group to practice her skills and enjoy the company of others who have a similar interest in foreign languages.

Her interest began while taking a Spanish language course in high school. Though she was not the best student in other subjects, she thrived in Spanish class. To many, this passion for language would be an easy area to explore, but Joann was born legally blind, so she has never had the opportunity due to lack of transportation and lack of support from her family and friends.

Wish of a Lifetime helped Joann fulfill this dream by connecting her with the Denver Free Spanish Network. She attended a conversation club at Rosa Linda Café in Denver, CO, on Friday, February 7, 2013. She was finally able to explore her love of language, meet people that share her interest, and use her skills she acquired from years of study!

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