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Dorothy Gets Her Chance to Fish

Dorothy, age 85, has lived in Corpus Christi, TX most of her life, but has never been in the Gulf of Mexico, let alone fished there. Her Wish of a Lifetime is to set sail out of Port Aransas and catch her first fish out of the Gulf.

Dorothy can remember as a child when President Franklin Roosevelt came to Corpus Christi, stayed at the Tarpon Inn, and went on a fishing expedition out of Port Aransas in the Gulf. It was a big deal back then to have the President in town and the whole city was abuzz with excitement. She remembers all the press in town covering the story of Roosevelt going after the giant Tarpon that the bay is known for.

That was when Dorothy’s fascination with fishing began, but Dorothy has always been a very quiet and dignified lady, so she kept her dream to herself for the most part. Dorothy has served as both treasurer and president of the Resident Council at Trinity Towers and has volunteered throughout her life with organizations such as the Camp Fire Girls, Cub Scouts, Municipal Arts Commission and the Corpus Christi Heritage Society to name a few.

Wish of a Lifetime and Brookdale were happy to finally make Dorothy’s dream a reality on August 16th. Sailing aboard the “Flipper”, Dorothy got plenty of fish on her hook and even saw a school of dolphins.

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