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Dorothy Indulges Her Need For Speed

Dorothy has always had a need for speed. Since the age of 15, she would spend her free time watching NASCAR races, dreaming of one day having the opportunity to drive an Indy car. Now, at the age of 82, Dorothy is finally seeing her dream come to fruition, as her wish to drive on a speedway came true.

As a young woman, Dorothy and her husband shared one car, and her husband took on all of the driving responsibilities. As such, Dorothy never had the opportunity to get her driver’s license. Longing for the freedom of the road, Dorothy would watch NASCAR and imagine the feeling of fast cars and freedom. Her chance to learn how to drive was born from unfortunate circumstances, as her husband got his license revoked after an accident, but even so, Dorothy relished the opportunity. Dorothy’s husband was stationed overseas at the time, so Dorothy finally learned how to drive while living in Japan.

Dorothy used her newfound independence to help her on her life long mission of serving others. While in Japan, she volunteered for the Red Cross, where she watched children. Later on, she spent years volunteering at her church, where she got to share her spirituality and good cooking with those around her.

Because of Dorothy’s serving nature, Wish of a Lifetime and Brookdale were excited to help make Dorothy’s wish a reality. With the help of her Brookdale program director, Stephanie, Dorothy indulged her need for speed at Texas Motor Speedway on October 11, 2015. She got to ride in a race car with a professional driver where she was able reach new speeds. Dorothy also enjoyed a meal at the world famous Babe’s Chicken Dinner, compliments of Babe’s Roanoke location.

Thank you Extreme Photography Studios for donating your services and capturing Dorothy’s wish.


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