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Randy Takes Flight

Randy, 82, has long dreamt of flying in a hot air balloon. When her younger brother passed away from a work injury, she and her older brother, George, found solace by watching the hot air balloons float through the California sky. Since that time, nearly 20 years ago, it has been the joint dream of Randy and George to fly in a hot air balloon together.

Randy and George have always been adventurous. They share a passion for trying new things, and would regularly travel internationally together. Unfortunately, Randy lost her left leg due to Vascular Circulation Disease, which forced her to dramatically alter her lifestyle. Due to her confinement in a wheelchair, Randy could no longer travel with her brother, and instead shifted her focus to another one of her passions, serving others.

Randy has spent her life devoted to helping those around her. She honed her leadership and organizational skills, which have helped her in her volunteer work, during her time as a school teacher. She taught for 31 years, 15 of which were spent teaching special education to first and second graders. Currently, Randy volunteers on the Hospitality Committee, where she welcomes new residents and helps to make them feel at home. She also started a club at Brookdale for a bunko dice game, which has grown to include 18 residents.

Randy has made the most of her disability, but always felt it would prevent her from riding in a hot air balloon. Brookdale and Wish of a Lifetime felt differently and set off to make it happen. On October 9, 2015 Randy and George took flight. Together, in a bright yellow hot air balloon, they floated over California wine country. It was a dream come true!

Thank you to Roger Bolt for capturing Randy’s wish!

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